Systemic & Family Therapy

Close relationships with loved ones and family are the core around which our lives are built. When relationships are good, typically our lives are too.

But for many good reasons there are times when relationships can be difficult or break down. Worries, misunderstandings, arguments and conflict can become overwhelming. You may be struggling to see a way out, or have fears about the future. Strained close personal relationships can affect how we see ourselves.

As a Family and Systemic Psychotherapist I will work alongside you to explore your worries, and to build your strengths and resources to make lasting changes in your relationships.

How I Work

My approach includes and acknowledges all kinds of close relationships. I will work with you to explore how to take those relationships forward. You can choose to work with me on your own, together with loved ones, or a mixture of both. Children are often included in family therapy, and their contribution and involvement is very welcome.

I can work with you to tackle a wide range of issues that are causing you problems. People seek support from a family therapist for help with issues including: parenting, school-related difficulties, fostering and adoption, relationship distress, resolving conflict, divorce and separation, and coping with illness, loss, depression, anxiety, self-esteem and confidence.

I will acknowledge the complexity of your life. This can include thinking about differences, and how broader influences from society and culture can have an impact on you and your relationships.

How long we work together is flexible. Family and Systemic Psychotherapy can be a brief intervention (6-12) with sessions over 3-6 months, and I will review this with you throughout our work.


About Me

I am a qualified Systemic Psychotherapist (MSc with Distinction) and I am registered with the UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy), a national standards body. I have more than 18 years of experience working within the public sector and NHS with families who are experiencing difficult times in life.

My approach is collaborative dialogical. This means that whatever the reason that brings you to therapy, you will take the lead and I will be alongside. I will draw on the dialogue between us to free the way so that the path forward can become clear.


Next Steps

You can contact me for more information, have a brief telephone consultation, and to arrange an initial consultation.

At the initial consultation the focus is on explaining and experiencing the process and therapeutic relationship. It is an opportunity for me to explore whether I can help, and for you to decide whether my support is right for you. We will talk about the goals of therapy and set up a contract.

The content of sessions is confidential (in line with UKCP ethical guidelines). Only in cases where there is risk of harm to yourself or others will any contact be made with third parties.

Session Info

One session is 50 minutes, but this can be extended to 75 minutes (1.5 sessions), or 100 minutes (2 sessions).

£50 for individuals
£60 for families and/or couples

It is useful for clients to consider a series of six sessions to see change in line with their aims and goals. However, this can be reduced or extended and clients can call an end to sessions, and their work with me, at any point.

Please contact me as soon as possible to let us know if you would like to cancel an appointment. Regrettably, cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice before the appointment or non-attended appointments without any prior notice, are charged at the full price.


“Thank you for your enthusiasm, knowledge and clarity, this has been brilliant along with your sense of humour and fun” – Lynn

“Maybe it’s not the words, it’s the feelings, inspiration, learning and legacies. That’s what we now have and will keep” – Fiona

“By encouraging a change of perspective here and a shift in consideration there, you have created the conditions for wholesale change” – Elizabeth

“You have helped us to achieve significant change through positivity and gentle encouragement” – Laura

“You have helped me to personally develop, which I will be forever grateful” – Victoria

Get in touch

For a confidential and friendly conversation, please feel free to fill out the form below:

+44 (0)794 196 4856


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